The aim of this test is to measure an athlete’s lower body peak power and explosiveness.


  • The vertical jump will be tested using theĀ Just JumpĀ electrical contact operated system.
  • The athlete will stand on the mat as still as possible with weight evenly distributed over both feet.
  • Once the mat is set the athlete will jump vertically as high as possible using both arms and legs to project body upwards.
  • The athlete then lands on the mat with both feet landing at the same time and the legs need to be somewhat extended, not bent
  • The hand help computer will display jump height and hang time.
  • The athlete will be permitted to perform the test twice, and the better of the two scores will be recorded



  • The athlete bends, lifts, or tucks his or her legs while in the air to extend their time.
  • The athlete steps into the jump
  • The athlete takes off or lands on one foot or lands off the mat
  • It there is a timing error or equipment malfunction, the athlete will be permitted to redo the jump



Best Standing Vertical Jumps (countermovement, No Step)

  • NFL – Gerald Sensabaugh: 46″ (117 cm)
  • NBA – Dwayne Mitchell: 38″ (96.5 cm)