The aim of this test is to measure the athlete’s ability to change direction, utilize speed, explosion, and body control.



  • The athlete will begin in an upright and neutral position
  • The athlete’s feet must be straddling the start line with both feet spread equally over the line, and the appropriate hand touching the start point.  (Right hand touches start line if first movement will be to the right, or left hand touches start line if first movement will be to the left) No staggered starts while touching the middle line.
  • The athlete will hold the stance 2 seconds prior to movement
  • The athlete will run to the right 5 yards and touch the line with the right hand. They will then sprint to the left 10 yards. and touch the line with the left hand. He or she will then sprint back 5 yards through the middle cone.
  • The time will be recorded as the athlete passes the middle cone at the finish line.
  • Each athlete will complete one shuttle to the left and one to the right.



  • The athlete fails to touch the end line in any direction
  • The athlete does not fully complete the shuttle
  • If there is a timing error or equipment malfunction, the athlete will be permitted to redo the shuttle.



  • US Decathlete Bryan Clay was timed at 4.38 seconds according to SPARQ Magazine in Summer 2008.