This test is aimed as a measure of upper body coordination, strength and power. It is also used as an alternative functional test instead of utilizing the bench press.

This test will be performed with an 8 lb. medicine ball.


  • The athlete starts in a kneeling position with the back erect and facing the direction they are going to throw.
  • The thighs should be parallel and the knees at the start line. Ensure that the toes are pointed backwards and curled for greater traction
  • Starting with the ball grasped with both hands and held out and above the head, the ball is brought down to the chest as the┬áhips are brought back to the heels. Then in one motion the ball is pushed forward and up (optimally between 30-45 degrees)
  • A practice trial is permitted, for the athlete┬áto learn the correct movements and get the best trajectory for maximum distance.
  • The athlete is permitted to fall forwards over the line after the ball is released.
  • The knees are not to leave the ground.
  • Two attempts are allowed, with at least 45 seconds recovery between each throw
  • The scoring will be recorded in feet and inches from the outer edge of the launch line and to the central point where the power ball first lands.



  • The athlete completes the throw favoring one arm or rotating at the spine.



  • US Decathlete Bryan Clay performed a throw of 38′ 9″ in this test according to SPARQ Magazine in Summer 2008.