The aim of this test is to measure an athlete’s ability to build explosive speed and generate power through the hips. 


  • Cones are set 5 yards apart, forming an “L” shape
  • Athletes will start the drill in a 3-point stance
  • The athlete will hold the start position for 2-3 seconds, then he or she will sprint 5 yards, touch the line and return to the start line and touch it before running around the cones.
  • Athletes must touch lines with the right hand when going to the right and the left hand when going to the left
  • The athlete must maintain outside position until the last cone
  • On the last cone the athlete will circle around and return to the finish line making the shape of an “L”
  • The athlete will hold the starting stance for 2 seconds prior to movement
  • The time will be recorded as the athlete crosses the cone at the end of the testing pattern.
  • The athlete will complete one drill to the left and one drill to the right



  • The athlete fails to touch the end line in any direction
  • The athlete fails to stay on the outside of the cone
  • The athlete does not fully complete the drill
  • If there is a timing error or equipment malfunction, the athlete will be permitted to redo the test.



  • Jeff Machl (Oregeon WR) holds the fastest time in the three cone drill at 6.42 seconds.