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 Below you will see a coupon for 1 Free Small Group Session. This offer is valid for 4-6 participants at one time, for a semi private session with one of our Nationally Certified Strength Coaches! Offer is available to any age groups, at certain times, Monday-Saturday. This offer will expire May 11th, 2015 so don’t wait, call or email today for more information!


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Trinity P3 Performance provides top-notch training for those leading an active lifestyle. Through our commitment, experience, and years of proven medical research, Trinity P3 has established a comprehensive program and interactive website designed to meet the needs of all program participants from athletes to industry. In addition to providing professional performance enhancement services, the Trinity P3 Performance Center is dedicated to serving the Tri-State Area as a valued resource for business owners, parents, coaches, and youth-sports organizations seeking to better themselves for the benefit of their athletes or employees.